Open Gym

Accessible only to members on the CrossFit Ultras package, Open Gym sessions are scheduled outside the times of the normal CrossFit sessions usually before the first CrossFit evening Class or after last CrossFit evening class or at weekends and give you the opportunity to come in and do your own thing.

If you want to hit some weight training using the equipment then this is a great time to do it. You can also use this time to come in and seek help and instruction from the coaches on techniques that you are struggling with or want to improve. Another use for this new open gym time is to complete any competition workouts for those who have entered online qualifiers and need to complete the workouts outside of the usual programming schedule.

Open gym session is a more relaxed environment where members can be responsible for their own training and what they do. These sessions are not coached, although there is always a trainer on hand to offer advice and keep an eye on safety!

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